It turns out, I really love to cook. While I really enjoy it, and get enthralled at the process…I’m also terrible at remembering to take notes, and pictures. Lately, I’ve challenged myself to “ethnic” cuisines, and making dishes that I absolutely love, and that seem daunting.

I recently tackled an easy indian dish. I tried to make butter chicken, which surprisingly came out pretty tasty. Indian food has always seemed difficult to me.  Mainly because if the spices can’t be found at the local S-Mart, it should be hard right? Such skewed thinking on my part, so once I acquired some Garam Masala. The challenge was on.

Butter chicken is fairly straight forward, and I found an easy recipe here

As you can see, some of the ingredients were easy to find. Recipe called for marinading the chicken over night, but I let it sit for two hours and I still found it to be very flavorful. 


Once I got the ingredients going, and simmering…I became very HUNGRY. Holy cow, it smelled delicious. Towards the end of the simmering, I definitely overpoured the heavy cream. It became too thin, yet the flavor was still there. I tried to thicken a little with cornstarch however it made it a little grainy. Won’t do that again. 

Overall, I was really surprised at how easy this was. Definitely will be trying other recipes soon.  



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