It’s been quite a while since my last post. A lot has changed, including myself. Over the last year, my career has advanced to working part-time for a distributor, and getting more opportunities to talk, pour, and write about craft beer. Craft beer still, and always will have a special place in my heart- but I find that combining hobbies and profession has worn a toll on me. Am I burnt out? Perhaps. Am I done with beer forever? Absolutely not.

If you were to walk into my living room at the moment, you’d not only find me surrounded by small lap dogs, but with several pieces of literature nearby. To my left, a copy of Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. To my right, a copy of the quarterly, Lucky Peach by the famed David Chang, and Peter Meehan. Right at my feet is a copy of bon appetit. As I type,  I’m watching “Mind of a Chef” on Netflix.  What do all of these have in common? Food. I’m fascinated by it.

If you knew me growing up, you’d know that I was a terribly picky eater. My diet consisted primarily of beige foods, rice, things well-done, and an embarrassing amount of American cheese. A lot of things have changed since then, I developed two notable food allergies- tree nuts and shellfish. On the other hand, not much has changed, I still enjoy a processed grilled cheese on white bread once in a while. However, it wasn’t until reaching adulthood that I rued my dietary choices. It prevented me from exploring, experiencing things too late, and discovering how beautiful the taste of buttery lobster risotto is… until an allergic reaction moments later.  It was my disdain for food mainly that prevented me from learning family recipes, until those members and their secrets were gone.

My boyfriend and I were recently discussing my blogging past, and how I felt burnout on bringing back my “beer blog,” and he mentioned why not food?  Why not food? 

I’ve been addicted to reading, watching, and cooking everything I can find that seems accessible on TV, magazines, and of course, Pinterest. I’ve been on a cooking spree trying things I’ve never once thought about making, or even knowing the process of doing so. I originally felt so intimidated at the thought of a “food blog.” I don’t know how to take beautiful pictures of food. I barely know the difference of mincing, and dicing and it’s importance. I don’t know what the hell a roux is. How could I stand a chance next to all these food bloggers who just seem to know what do? That’s when it occurred to me that I wanted to share my journey with you. Learning about knives, and the different ways to chop, julienne, and dice. What I learned, what I’ll do next time. I want to share my anxiety of stepping away from a strict recipe, and being able to be creative. Explore. Enjoy. Maybe burn it once in awhile. Who the hell knows?

Should I keep this blog, and use the platform I created? Not sure. Will I be as diligent as I once was about beer? Maybe less, maybe more. What I do know, is that I miss writing, and food has sparked a different passion in me that hasn’t been discovered or felt in a very long time.

I hope you’ll continue to follow me on this journey. Please give me input. If you have a great reference, or a solid recipe. Please share! I am truly an open book, and I can’t wait to see where this goes.





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