Every Day Pairings #1- Shower Beers

I recently signed up for a website called Influenster, and have started to receive products in hopes of reviews. Truthfully, I’m still waiting for these sites to send me beer. Until then, I will gladly accept things such as Gillette’s Venus Razor to use as I’m getting ready with my shower beer. I don’t know about you, but I love a good shower beer.


That’s how I found the ultimate pairing.Great Basin’s “Icky IPA,” and the Venus razor mentioned prior. Both get the job done, light ABV/ weight of the razor, helps me get ready and feel pretty swell in less than 10 minutes. The burst of piney Cascade hops on the tasting, pairs pretty well with getting hit right in the face by your shower head as you awkwardly try to shave your legs standing up. (I never said shaving and drinking didn’t have it’s fair share of risks). Every minute of that shower, I knew I had to get my hands on more of this stellar IPA. I hope to see this beer distributed beyond the Nevada state line, because I truly think this brew could give Pliny and the likes a run for its money. Oh yeah, the razor Influenster sent me was awesome too. 😉


See you next time for an another awkward installment of everyday pairings!


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