Happy Oktoberfest!!!!





As September is closely ending, and harvest is approaching, it is the start of everyone’s favorite beer festival- Oktoberfest. Also the time to appropriately drink one of my favorite styles, the Märzen, or Oktoberfest. Although simple by some standards, this amber lager is so easy to drink without compromising too much flavor or body. A light amber brown color deceives the eye for it’s light taste on the final sip. Märzens are also one of my favorite styles to pair food with. It can go great with brunch items, especially cheesy and savory dishes like crêpes or omelets. I also paired Ayinger Oktoberfest with my thanksgiving dinner which was amazing together. The photos featured above are some recent styles that I’ve had that I really enjoyed. Gordon Biersch contract-brews for Trader Joe’s German beers including this Oktoberfest beer. Always a solid pick for a great price! I also recently visited Sierra Nevada, and sampled their new Märzen, and loved it so much I had to get a growler. I also appropriately ordered the house made sausage platter, and spent grain beer pretzels with Torpedo beer cheese. A pairing to die for, and as close as authentic it can get without being in Germany for the real thing!

If you’re in the greater Central Valley area, and are looking for fun Oktoberfest celebrations I highly recommend checking out in Stockton, the Abbey Trappist Pub’s Oktoberfest on Monday 9/29 for incredible German-style craft beers, and amazing German inspired food! The fun will start at 4:30, and you’ll see me as the resident wench along with the help of K!

Happy Harvest everyone! Celebrate safely!


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