Why Dump Water on Yourself, When You Can Drink It?

Over the last couple of weeks, our social media feeds have been graced with long-lost high school friends who have dumping buckets, cups, or hoses of ice water on themselves to raise “awareness” to ALS, or Lou Gherig’s disease. Unfortunately, many people do not discuss what this disease is, or what we can do to help. ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a horrible, and terminal neurodegenerative disease that spreads through the brain, and spinal cord. The ALS Association is the one to start this new advocacy campaign, that intends two things: 1) raise awareness, or 2) opt out of the challenge and donate $100. Their fundraising efforts have been two fold, with raising over $22.9 million dollars, and we’ve learned how many people can’t hold a bucket.

I am genuinely impressed with their ability to fundraise through this campaign, as most videos on my feed have been from 16 year old cousins, who I know will NOT be donating nor will any of their friends. I am also concerned from these videos as a California resident. California is currently going through it’s biggest drought yet. Over the last three years, most of California has reached “extreme to exceptional drought” status. More information about the spread of drought in California can be read here. This drought has lead to many questions about our industries here in the state.  I still will continue to support craft beer in California, as many are installing equipment to help clean, and reuse waste water; and are researching other means of sourcing water. The craft beer community also has an amazing sense to help out other’s in need, and I have witnessed this in many fundraisers, and events hosted at local tap rooms.  Here’s one major example…

If you want to help participate in ALS awareness, or community support- have you heard of Ales for ALS? It is a pretty amazing campaign started by Hop Union, and Loftus Ranches (both hop farms in the Yakima, WA area). They donate a hop blend to brewers free of charge to brew a beer to be poured at tap rooms. A portion of beer sales will then be donated to ALS TDI, a lead researcher in ALS. While the hop blends are limited, the brewers are invited to participate. This year, 69 brewers will have participated. Some notable California names stand out on the list, such as: Russian River, Sierra Nevada, 21st Amendment, and Drake’s. There are several more breweries participating, and can be found at this link. If you love visiting breweries, and tap rooms- I highly encourage you to order one of these Ales for ALS participating beers. It goes to a great cause, and uses water in the best way. 😉 Both the ALSA, and Ales for ALS have donation sites where you can donate directly, and avoid the frills of Igloos, and growlers. I highly advocate using your water wisely, and instead of dumping it on yourself in the name of “awareness,” because as far as I’m concerned you just look stupid.

Click Here to Donate to ALSA

To Make a Donation to ALS TDI- Click Here!


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