Speakeasy 17th Anniversary Party

On June 28th, I had the privilege of attending the Speakeasy 17th Birthday Party in San Francisco. There was an array of beers that I had never seen outside of the brewery, or specialty festivals. Set in the outside parking lot of the brewery, with several food trucks, and/or carts- it was perfectly paired with a warm San Francisco day. There was live music on a stage tucked away in the actual brewery amongst kegs, and barrels. A very cool touch, in my opinion.


As for beers, where do I begin?! There were several one-offs, and unique styles featured. Some standouts for me were the Baby Daddy Session IPA, which now takes the reign as my favorite hoppy session ale, also Harvey Milk Stout, an appropriately named stout to be released during SF Pride Weekend.

There were so many one offs available in the parking lot, and in the tap room- VIPs had special access to several beers that have been aging at Speakeasy. Both Syndicates were fantastic to try both on draft, and helps me fight the urge to open up my bottles! I also really enjoyed an amazing imperial stout with dark cherries. Easily beat other similar beers I’ve sampled right out of the water.



Overall, I had a great day, had the chance to see friends, and drink some pretty fantastic beer! Happy Birthday Speakeasy, can’t wait till the big bash next year! 18?! Barely legal!!!


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