Central Coast Brewing’s Original Chai Ale


I recently visited one of my all-time favorite bottle shops in California, BEERCRAFT, a little slice of heaven, in Rohnert Park. BC is a great spot right off the 101 to check out, in between stops at Russian River, or Lagunitas. While I was there, I was happy to this AHHHHMAZING Original Chai Ale from this new-to-me brewery, Central Coast Brewing. It’s nice to see more breweries coming out of the San Luis Obispo area. Even more so when they are brewing such creative beers like this chai beer.

A beautiful orange-y straw colour, with a full head of bright white carbonation- it looks beautiful from the beginning. There is a presence of ginger, malt, and definitely the chai spice. Each sip is full chai spice bitterness, and warmth. Since the beer is so highly carbonated, it also very crisp and refreshing. A complex style to say the least! While I did not pair this amazing beer with food, I regret the decision of opening up my only can, and not having a big plate of Indian food to go with it. I would easily replace chai tea with this beer, at any restaurant!

If you see this on the shelf, don’t hesitate to pick up a bottle, or five. You won’t regret it!


One thought on “Central Coast Brewing’s Original Chai Ale

  1. I LOVE Beer Craft. That was my go to shop. They our the sweetest people and travel all around California to bring beer that isn’t distributed in Northern California.

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