Beer Up Your Life Goes to Print!


This month was very exciting for me! I had my first beer article go to print! It was for a small local magazine about Stockton, and while it does not have a website-I wanted to be able to share my article on my favorite spring styles in The Life on the Mile magazine. They just asked me to have a quarterly column, and I must say, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your name in print!

Here it is:
Spring is right around the corner, and as quickly as the seasons change, my preference for beers change as well. The sun is out, so the stouts go back into the closet, and out come the shorts! I love spring weather, the flowers are blooming, and the air is crisp. There are three styles of beer that evokes spring to me based on their fresh flavors, notes of fruits, herbs, and spices. My first favorite style is a witbier, the Flemish word for “white beer,” which is a gold-colored, and unfiltered Belgian wheat style. Often, there are notes of coriander, bitter orange peel, and other fresh garden herbs. Sometimes, these beers can have a notable tart flavor, such as my seasonal favorite New Belgium’s Snapshot, a tart wit style with notes of apple peels, and spice esters. This light straw colored beer, and other wit-styles pair lovely with any fresh salads with a fresh vinaigrette. It is also an excellent substitution for mimosas with brunch! Other notable wit beers are Hoegaarden, and Allagash White. Another favorite style that evokes spring to me, are saisons. The French word meaning “season,” are brewed to last from spring till fall harvest. A saison is often compared to champagne for it’s complex flavors, color, and carbonation. There is a notable aroma of grains, herbs, and hops. My go-to saison this spring is Bison Brewing’s Saison de Wench, a copper coloured farmhouse ale with notes of hibiscus, rose petals, and pepper. This is a light, and balanced tart beer that can be paired with Thai food, curries, and most fish dishes. If you are intrigued to try more saisons, try the classic Saison Du Pont, or Goose Island’s Pepe Nero, a black peppered saison. If there was one style of beer that I would never grow tired of, it’s an India Pale Ale. I am a sucker for delicious citrus and tropical flavored hops. My favorite spring release for IPAs, is a local choice of Stockton’s own High Water Brewing. Their No Boundary IPA, a hazy amber colored IPA with strong notes of grapefruit peel, and lemon verbena. IPAs are very refreshing with ceviche, Indian food, and most dishes with lots of spice, and heat. IPAs are a big craft beer trend, and most breweries currently produce it. Try one, two, or several!


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