Dust Bowl Brewing Company & Private Tour

Well, I’ve certainly been MIA from my blog these days. After dealing with a series of health problems, computer issues, and overall writers block…I’m back! I recently had the fortune of hosting two of my favorite Bay Area beer geeks and friends, Kim, and Brian, for a fun weekend here in the Central Valley. We visited my friends down in Turlock, at Dust Bowl Brewing Company. I was able to schedule a private tour of their brewing facility, which is on the other side of town from their taproom, and restaurant. Scott, their Sales Manager, is an amazing guy in this industry. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to sacrifice a day off for us! Their current brewing facility is at capacity, and is divided in to two separate spaces in the same warehouse park- one for brewing and fermentation, and the other for storage, barrel aging, and bottling. While both spaces were surprisingly small for how much of their beer I see on the market, I was happy to know that they are planning to break ground for a new brewery, and separate tasting room. For anyone worried, they are staying in the Central Valley- which is great for us! While we were in the brewing side of the facility, we had the opportunity to try two beers straight out of the fermenter, which was AWESOME. I love tasting beer throughout the whole process. We tried their new pilsner, which will be released under the name Hobo Pilsner, as well as their upcoming 3rd anniversary beer Cherry Picker, a tart cherry Belgian-style ale. I cannot wait for the release of both of these beers, because *spoiler alert* they are complex, and fantastic!
Here are some pictures from their brewing facility:





We then checked out their restaurant, and taproom; which is located in downtown Turlock. They serve up some wonderful food from appetizers,burgers, to more formal entrees. They also have a wonderful selection of their beers, merchandise, and bottles and growlers to go.



We left very full, and incredibly happy with all the fabulous brews, staff, and the personal touch of getting to know the Dust Bowl team. Thank you so much Scott, and crew, for a fabulous time!


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