Heretic’s Evil3 Release

Wow, the month of February is just flying by! I recently injured my knee, and then came down with a cold, so I’ve been a little out of commission. I recently had the opportunity to finally visit Heretic Brewing in Fairfield, California, and go on the day of their triple IPA release party. This beer, the Evil3 is a collaboration project from Heretic, Stone Brewing, and The Brewing Network. K and I were told that they would be doing growler fills straight from the fermenter just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, which we were very excited for! Their tap room is fairly big, but not big enough for the line that was there for the growler fill! Since the front room was practically standing room only, it was fairly difficult to navigate where everything was, including the line in the back for the actual growler fills. Once we got our first beer of the afternoon, a hibiscus Belgian-style pale ale, which was delicious! I loved the subtle pink hue, and the hint of tart in the beer. I wish more breweries would explore hibiscus as a flavor in beer. We were able to get right to the front of the growler fill line, which was a very easy process, and fun to chat with our friends at DBI, and meet the brewers and employees of Heretic. Evil3 was a great tasting triple IPA, while still unfinished, it had amazing hop flavor, and a beautiful mahogany colour to it. The natural carbonation was very low, and not much head to it. It was very smooth to me as it also has a high alcohol content as well. I appreciate beers that aren’t incredibly booze-forward. It was an amazing turn out in area that I did not know had such an appreciation for craft beer! I also loved that they brought out a very tasty hamburger and sandwich food truck. It’s also a nice gesture, but also helps make for a safer drive back home. If you have the opportunity to visit Heretic, or try one of their beers on draft- I highly recommend you do so. My favorite beers from them are Torment, Evil Cousin IIPA, and CHP, a chocolate hazelnut porter.

Here are a few photos of my trip to Heretic, enjoy!





2 thoughts on “Heretic’s Evil3 Release

  1. I can’t wait til we can get some Heretic in the central valley. I was a big fan of the Jamil show on the brewing network, hope he has a lot of success as a pro brewer.

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