My November Favorites

Another month flew by, and the beers were always plentiful. Like many others, I was introspective on what I was thankful for. I just recently celebrated an anniversary with a wonderful man who encourages my love for beer blogging, with surprises of hard to find bottles, takes photos for me (I have shaky hands!), and drives us to breweries all over. I am also thankful for the friends, and professional connections I have made through social media, and events. I am so lucky to call many of you personal friends of mine now. With that, I look back on what I’ve been fortunate enough to try, and attempt to pick my standouts…

1. High Water Brewing’s Old & In The Way Barley Wine 2011
I believe I’ve written about this beer before, and of course I have to say it again! It was fantastic. I opened this up on Thanksgiving, and it paired wonderfully with homemade pumpkin pie.
2. Prairie Artisan Ales’ Puncheon
Prairie kills the farmhouse/saison style every time. This one might be my favorite from them now. Slightly tart, light golden color, and a whole lotta funk. Yes please!
3.  Modern Times’ Lomaland Saison
I guess tis the saison for this style! This one was especially tasty. A medium gold color, with nice funky notes that slightly resemble bubble gum, but not overpowering by any means. Canned saisons might be my new favorite trend.
4. Bison Brewing’s Oakland Hop Harvest
This is definitely my favorite beer from Bison now, and that is saying a lot after Cocoa Bretta. The dry hopping is done with Cascade hops from Oakland, and it tastes so fresh, and balanced. Love it!
5. Evil Twin Brewing’s Lil B
I had this on draft at one of my favorite local gastropubs. Once I let it hit room temperature, it was incredibly rich boozy, with a mild smokey linger. I was too infatuated with the flavor to remember to take a picture unfortunately!


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