Some Recent Goodies


This past weekend, we decided to not go out of town, and stay at home. We went out to my favorite steakhouse where they had both Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA, and Tioga Sequoia Tamarack Amber Lager on draft. So while I had my dinner I got to sip on some good brews too. This weekend was a great excuse to open up on some of our personal stash as well. You can see what I drank posted above. The biggest stand out for me was the Mikkeller George!, it was a great smokey imperial stout. The least disappointing was Strand Brewing Co. IPA, unfortunately it seems every time I pick up bottles from them in Southern California, they are old. šŸ˜¦ However, the Southern Tier Plum Noir, and Stone Brewing Suede both had a little time on them, so they were a little more mellow, and still incredibly rich with cacao and fruit notes.

Here’s to a new week with plenty of new opportunities to try new styles of beers. Cheers!


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