My October Favorites

October was a month of good fortune when it comes to beer for K and I. We were lucky to visit Sierra Nevada for their Single, Fresh, Wet and Wild festival, and sample what felt like hundreds of beers. We also visited Southern California again, and visited The Bruery, and Bootlegger’s Brewing. I feel a little biased in posting this list, as there were so many great beers, so for some…I am generalizing. 

1. Every Beer at Sierra Nevada’s SFWW Festival

This was an incredible opportunity to try a lot of beers that are not distributed to Northern California, or beers that don’t leave certain brewpubs. The one-offs from Trumer were a nice surprise, and very tasty. I wish they would bottle those, in addition to their famous Pilsner. It’s nice to go to a festival, and get Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale in your home state! You can read more about my trip to the festival here. 

2. The Bruery’s Chocolate Rain
Do I need to say anymore? They take the Black Tuesday recipe and make it extra chocolate-y for this incredibly rich, and boozy stout. You can read about my lucky experience to try this beer, and many others, on this page.
3. New Belgium’s 2013 Le Terroir
This dry-hopped sour was the complete package of new beer-trends I love. Dry-hopping adds a nice floral or bitter end note to a beer, by adding dry hops closer to the end of the brewing process. NBB’s sour series is my favorite of all the beers they make. They are always on point, and so now they make another that contends with my favorite La Folie. If that wasn’t convincing enough, click here to read more.
4. New Belgium’s Wild2
It seems that New Belgium won the best of October award. This Belgian-style dubbel had such an amazing dark fruit flavor, full body flavor, and still incredibly easy to drink. This was fortunately not too sweet, compared to many dubbels. I was gifted this beer from one of my sales reps, and I hope to find it out on shelves soon.

5.Bike Dog’s Milk Stout
I had tried this beer back at a League event for BDB in June, and first sampled this beer. I was lucky to try this beer again at Bike Dog’s Grand Opening Party on November 2nd. It’s easy to see, a few batches later, that this stout was much more refined with a nice milk-chocolate nose, and flavor to make an amazing milk stout. I even told K that I felt this beer was better than other well known craft stouts on the market. If you have the chance to visit their brewery and tap room, I highly recommend it.


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