My Visit to The Bruery


This last weekend, K and I drove down to Orange County for a trip to Disneyland. The day before we had a beerventure, starting in Placentia. This was my first trip to The Bruery, and I absolutely loved it. It was not incredibly busy, but all tables were full.  I had ordered a flight to sample things I had not tried, and luckily a table just opened up. We invited two locals also standing to sit with us, and he was incredibly grateful. We talked a lot about beer, local places, and the beers I was drinking.


I sampled Windowsill, a warm yet sour cherry ale; BeRazzled a raspberry light beer similar to a Berliner Weisse; Old Richland a very smooth and easy to drink barleywine; 6 Geese A’Laying, a sweeter winter warmer style beer; and Ebony and Oak, a very woody boozy beer. K ordered Cacaonut, which was way too malty, and boozy for me. While talking with our company, he asked us about Chocolate Rain, and we mentioned we had not had it. It was available on tap for members, and those who donated canned food. He brought us back a sample to say thanks for sharing the table.


This was an amazing beer! Very rich chocolatey notes with a nice woody bite you get from a barrel-aged stout, while still being very smooth, and being easy to drink. I’m so grateful I got the chance to try this without having to buy a $100 bottle in my area. It was great meeting some locals who gave us some great suggestions, including taking the free tour.



We were able to sample a few beers along the tour including Cacaonut, 6 Geese A Laying, and Autumn Maple. It’s a fairly small space, but they also have an off-site location for storage. Here’s my favorite highlight from the tour:


If you haven’t already visited, and are making a trip to southern California, I highly recommend you make this a destination spot.


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