Sierra Nevada’s SFWW Festival

K and I went up to Chico this past weekend to go to Sierra Nevada’s Single Fresh Wet and Wild Festival. There were over 50 breweries with close to 150 beers. It was completely sold out, with plenty of food to eat, and a great energy throughout the whole building. Some highlights for me were meeting KEN GROSSMAN (!!!!!!!!), finally trying beers from Beachwood BBQ, meeting Alan Sprints from Hair of the Dog, having beers from Oregon (HUB in particular), and having a few beers with Daniel and Darcey from

Here are some (not so great )photos from the day…








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  1. We had a great time too! So great getting to meet you guys. See you soon at Bike Dog’s Grand Opening. Cheers!

  2. Love HUB! I had some friends go to this event and they talked about the amazing lineup. Next year!

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