Bike Dog Brewing

This past Saturday, K and I brought some friends up to Sacramento to take them to very new brewery, Bike Dog Brewing, in West Sacramento more specifically. They are still not considered “open,” and have been doing a soft opening until November 2nd. They will be having a grand opening then. I absolutely love the industrial and modern feel to their warehouse space, and really feel like they nailed it with the set up. The bar is very long, with plenty of seating. They also have plenty of small tables and chairs to hang out at as well. Bikes are obviously welcome, and they have a lot you can bike up to in the
back. Here are some photos from our visit:



This is their IPA, which is very clean, not too bitter, with a refreshing citrus hop aroma and flavor. They had this, and their wheat ale on draft while they prepare last batches for their grand opening. I liked them both!





They currently have a nice three barrel system, along with a fermentation room (which is behind that mysterious door).


This was pretty cool! The front grey metal box, is a small oven! They were making some pizzas.


I absolutely loved the tap handles! How clever.

Thanks guys at Bike Dog! It was great to see you all again, and thanks for being so hospitable. We are looking forward to many more trips up to visit!


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