High Water Brewing Beer and Cooking Course

This past Friday, K and I participated in a live demonstration cooking class with four courses, and beers paired with it at Cheese Central. It was all High Water beers, and the class was led by the brewmaster’s wife, Barri. She’s incredibly talented, and innovative; I’ve grown to really respect her and her insights in the industry over time.

First course: cauliflower & blue cheese soup with espresso glaze and Campfire Stout caviar. Paired with Campfire Stout.
Second course: mixed greens salad with fresh grapefruit vinaigrette, gold & red beets, beemster cheese, with smoked salmon, homemade creme fraiche on crostinis. Paired with Hop Logic Imperial IPA
Third course: Orange zested yams wrapped in phyllo dough, with a side of Humboldt Fog cheese. Paired with Blind Spot, and Rio D’Oro
Fourth Course: Poached Pears wrapped in puff pastry, filled with a blue cheese and gruyere, and barley wine mash, then drizzled in local honey. Paired with a 2011& 2012 Old & In The Way Barley wine.

The overall evening was very enjoyable, and incredibly tasty! I look forward to making some of these recipes at home, and hopefully sharing with some of you! Cheers!


3 thoughts on “High Water Brewing Beer and Cooking Course

  1. I looooove Campfire Stout!! And I looove cheese! Cheese Central is awesome & I wish I would have known about this! Next time…

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