Strangest Beer of 2013


I am a huge fan of New Belgium’s innovative craft series, Lips of Faith. I’m always stoked and excited for new releases, collaborations, and intrigued by their ingredients. The most recent release, the Coconut Curry Hefeweizen, was no exception when I saw it for sale at a bottle shop in Davis, California. In the notes of this beer, you can definitely smell the curry, and they aren’t shy about that spice at all. At first sip, I got that yellow curry note, with very little coconut, and all lingering heat to follow. I love me some crazy beers, and I wanted to love this one so bad. However, I just couldn’t. I could barely get through my glass without thinking sip after sip, that I wanted to pour this out. In the end, I did. New Belgium, I’m not over you just yet. We all make mistakes, and we can work it out.


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