My August Favourites






As you can see, this month I managed to take photos of all my favorites I had this month. The Ruhstaller Triple was incredibly fresh, light, but had a full bodied golden taste with hints of spice. The Or Xata from the Bruery was the fraternal beer twin to my favorite rice milk drink. Heavy lactose flavour with lots of cinnamon, along with a deceivingly light colour. The Cantillon was very similar to a tart red wine with more carbonation. Although very tart, it was still easy to drink, and not very friendly on the wallet ($$$$). The Mikkeller It’s Alive! Series is always impressive, especially this rhubarb one. It really complimented the funky notes with a sweet/tart flavour. And last but not least, I FINALLY had Heady Topper, which was a really smooth, easy to drink, citrusy IPA. I loved the fact that it was unfiltered, and the golden colour was beautiful!

Here’s to September!


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