My July Favourites

July was a month of great beers for me! My boyfriend went back home to the east coast for half a week, and brought me back a box of goodies to make up for being gone. I swear I’m the luckiest girl in all of Bedford Falls. 🙂 Here are my standouts, and if you have a chance to try any of them…doooo it! 

1.  Diesel from Sixpoint Brewing

You can read my review of this incredible beer here. 

2.Maharaja by Avery Brewing
This IPA had a strong west coast bitter hop bite, with the perfect mash up of the east coast malty-IPA style. 22oz was not enough.
3.Firestone Walker Anniversary Ale 14
Now, I know this counts and doesn’t…I had a customer at my job bring a bottle of this just for K and I to drink. I opened this up at a bottle share, and was blown away by the light chocolate notes, and the mellow barrel-aged taste over the last two years.
4.Two Hearted Ale from Bell’s Brewing
This is probably one of the most impressive IPAs I have ever tasted. While, I don’t know the bottling date, I do know that this was shipped from Pennsylvania to California, and even a couple weeks later, it tasted like it had just been bottled that same week. Wow. If anyone is ever interested in shipping some my way, I’d love you forever, and then some.
5.Resin from Sixpoint Brewing
July was hopped-out for me, and this double IPA was also piney, fresh, and had a beautiful colour to it. Sixpoint is really doing something right with how fresh, and innovative their beers are.


One thought on “My July Favourites

  1. I really really wanted to like Resin. I am pretty much positive i ended up with a quite old can because it completely lacked any of the piney resin.. just bitter… Had hoped i had found a year long sub for the wonder that was RuinTen

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