Best Beers for Women to Order- VIDEO

Best Beers for Women to Order- VIDEO

I know I’m a little late on posting my comments regarding this Women’s Forum post about how to order beer when you’re going out, and it’s primarily because I’ve been thinking and developing what I truly thought about this article. It is not the first time I’ve watched or read something created by a woman, and thought “thanks for setting us back 40 years,” and this time was one of those. As a woman who loves craft beer, I felt the article could have been better if it had approached and explained the flavour profiles of all major styles…including IPAs and all things hoppy. It was the most stereotyping piece of literature, and honestly, offensive. I’m still waiting on an apology from both the website, and the man who participated in the interview. Hey women’s forum, why not have a woman explain what these beers are, and how they can be accessible to BOTH genders. After all,beer isn’t thatconfusing.


One thought on “Best Beers for Women to Order- VIDEO

  1. I’m trying to not be reactionary here. But I’m going to be anyway. This is not a gender issues first of all. Many people are not sure when going to a bar that serves more than macro swill what to order. How about advise such as “talk to your bartender, let them recommend something. If available, try a sample, try a flight.” Not, “here little girl, you might like this pretty pink fruity thing . . . ”

    This is a) gender stereotyping and b) offensive and c) not that helpful. And good lord, explain abv because if i sent my girlfriends who normally drink Leinny summer shandy out to have a few belgians they would hit the floor . . . .

    I’ll end my rant there . . .

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