Bison Beer-Paired Dinner

bison brewing

On May 18th, I organized my first beer-paired dinner at my work, The Abbey Trappist Pub in Stockton.  I hosted, organic brewers, Bison Brewing, from Berkeley, California to join us for a pint night. We had four beers of theirs, to be paired with four small appetizers to make for one overall filling meal. 

1. Burrata Cheese on toasts with locally-sourced raw honey, and fresh basil with Organic Honey Basil Ale

2. Fried Oyster Sandwich with zesty slaw, and Cajun remoulade, paired with Organic Hop Cuvee

3. Chevre-stuffed dates wrapped in local prosciutto, with Belgian Tramp, a collaborative Belgian-style quadruppel 

4. Fried Funnel Cake dough with a blackberry and chocolate drizzle, and paired with Organic Chocolate Stout.

Overall, it was a wonderful event, and such a pleasure to hang out “Organic Dan,” and “The Beer Wench.” I’m still incredible grateful that so many of my friends and family came out to support me, and my first beer-pairing. Looking forward to many more! 


2 thoughts on “Bison Beer-Paired Dinner

  1. Did you build the food around the beers or select the beers after considering what food you wanted to serve? Did you do a ‘trial run’ with the beers and the food to see how the flavours worked out? I’ve hosted three beer-food pairings and always had a great time with them!

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