California State Fair Winners

California State Fair Winners

Brookston Beer Bulletin posted the divisions, and winners for this year’s California State Fair awards! Click the link to see if any of your favourites won! I’m stoked to see some of my favourite brewers/friends/beers won, so mucho congrats to Bison Brewing, High Water Brewing, and Auburn Ale House!


The Offline Glass

LOVE this idea. I know I am guilty of looking at my phone far too often, and I DEFINITELY know I am not the only one. All bars need these!

Mapping The Rise of Craft Beer

Mapping The Rise of Craft Beer

This is an amazing, interactive chart developed by the New Yorker to view by state the growth of craft breweries, expansion, and production. So freakin’ cool! Check this out, and share with your friends. 

Take the Hefeweizen, Leave the Lemon

Take the Hefeweizen, Leave the Lemon

The San Francisco Chronicle did a great bit on the history of the German hefeweizen, comparing it to American-styles, and why (thank god) it’s blasphemous to put a piece of fruit in your beer! If there’s one thing that irks me more as a beertender it’s serving someone a traditional hefe or wit beer, and someone asking for a lemon slice. There’s a great shout out to Cerveceria de MateVeza, and Sierra Nevada as well. I could really go for a Kellerweis now….