California State Fair Winners

California State Fair Winners Brookston Beer Bulletin posted the divisions, and winners for this year’s California State Fair awards! Click the link to see if any of your favourites won! I’m stoked to see some of my favourite brewers/friends/beers won, so mucho congrats to Bison Brewing, High Water Brewing, and Auburn Ale House!

The Offline Glass

LOVE this idea. I know I am guilty of looking at my phone far too often, and I DEFINITELY know I am not the only one. All bars need these!

Mapping The Rise of Craft Beer

Mapping The Rise of Craft Beer This is an amazing, interactive chart developed by the New Yorker to view by state the growth of craft breweries, expansion, and production. So freakin’ cool! Check this out, and share with your friends. 

Take the Hefeweizen, Leave the Lemon

Take the Hefeweizen, Leave the Lemon The San Francisco Chronicle did a great bit on the history of the German hefeweizen, comparing it to American-styles, and why (thank god) it’s blasphemous to put a piece of fruit in your beer! If there’s one thing that irks me more as a beertender it’s serving someone a…

Snake Dog IPA

Have I mentioned how much I love Flying Dog’s can art/collaborations with Ralph Steadman???? If not, here it is.

League Event at Bike Dog Brewing

This last weekend, K and I went up to visit Bike Dog Brewing in West Sacramento. They haven’t completed their taproom, nor started distribution, but this was a private event for “League” members. These members have donated to help kick start the brewery, and costs. We brought our little one out to her first brewery…

Tap It Brewing

Last week, I had the fortune of driving down to San Luis Obispo with K$ to visit Tap It Brewing with his distribution company. I had never had any of their ales, and I was incredibly impressed! Most of all their beers are fairly sessionable, at rough 5-7%. I was really impressed with their GABF…

Dog Treats with Malted Barley

The BeerUpYourLife family has officially expanded! We just got little Stevie today, and when I was shopping for her I found these dog treats made with malted barley! Now I don’t particularly care for the bro/beer packaging, but the overall concept is awesome. I love beer, and now my pup can too in some form….

New Belgium Pint Night at The Abbey Trappist

Last night, here at my work we fortunate to host New Belgium, and a four of their “Lips of Faith” craft beers on draft, along with some classics. I was incredibly stoked to try the “Peach Porch Lounger,” a peach tart that is so incredibly smooth with hardly any lingering sour bite at the end….

The Most Amazing Beer Stein EVER

I purchased this beer stein for my partner yesterday. It is what it looks like…it’s a unicorn fighting a lion. Now tell me that’s not true love.

All About Beer Magazine- The Perfect Fit

All About Beer Magazine- The Perfect Fit All About Beer addresses a question that I’m sure that many most of us have. When there are consistently new breweries and tap rooms, how do brewers ensure that they fit? By fit, meaning they have the ability to stand out, and sustain themselves. I really enjoyed the…

What the Heck is Dry-Hopping?

Paste a Video URL Boulevard Beer’s cellar man, Alex Rodriguez, explains what the dry-hopping process is, and looks like. Short, and informative! Check it out.