My Top 5 Beers for April

Well, I’m just a week or so late for this post, but life happens, and moves quickly when you’re having too much fun. 

1. High Water Brewing- Arroz Con Agrio

I might as well start an entire page of all my High Water Brewing posts, but really though. Their beers never fail to amaze me, and leave me wanting more. This was an incredible sour I was able to try at Beer Revolution’s Sours vs IPA weekend.  It’s got a great lingering tart flavour, with a bright opaque yellow hue to it. I would assume there is a little malt in this to add to the colour, and the full bodied flavour of this beer. Steve, you’ve done it again! 

2. Cigar City Brewing’s Jai Alai IPA

This was an amazing addition in to a great beer trade that I received from the Craft Brewjas in Florida. I have been dying to try this beer since the first time I saw it on my Instagram feed. Now that I too, am on the canned beer hype, I was excited to try Cigar City’s treats. The can is green and orange, and the orange hue matches the beer itself. It’s very fresh and has a great citrus flavour while not being overly bitter or floral. I was definitely impressed, and only wish that Cigar City could make it out here to California.(PLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE).

3.Almanac’s Honey Saison

I have been really impressed with Almanac’s farm to bottle fresh style beers, that taste incredibly fresh, and flavourful. This saison has great notes of honey in an already tasty farmhouse blend with great grains. It’s a beautiful golden colour, with just the right amount of farmhouse foam at the top that laces the glass nicely. If you have the opportunity to try this beer, I highly recommend it.

4. Wayan Sour by Birra Baladin

This was one of the most complex beers I’ve had so far this year, and with 17 ingredients, it’s no surprise as to why. Apparently, this beer is incredibly rare and hard to find from Italy, little did I know when the taster was handed to me at Pangaea’s Two Brews Cafe in Sacramento. It’s a sour saison, and you can tell with the farmhouse grains and malts notes to it, but the sour bite is incredibly smooth and just a little tart. After my first taste, my first reaction was “Oh fuck yes.” And yes, it’s incredible. Drink this if you have the opportunity. 

5. Almanac’s Farmer’s Reserve No.2

It appears April was a month of sour beers for me, and it’s definitely true. It’s the best time to drink them with the weather changing into spring, or jumping into summer like it is in the Central Valley. This beer is advertised as a wild ale, but is definitely reminiscent of the farmhouse style again with it’s belgian yeast notes, and has a wonderfully fresh sour taste at the end of each sip. It has a great golden colour, and although hard to find, I wish I could buy this beer by the case. Don’t miss out. 



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