Tour of Anchor Brewing in San Francisco






Yesterday, as a graduation present, I booked a tour for my boyfriend, his family, and myself a tour for Anchor Brewing in San Francisco. I have already done this tour, but knew he would love the experience. From their tap room, to the fermentors, to the bottling, everything is beautiful, well kept and pristine. There is a reason that Anchor has maintained a level of prestige, and quality throughout every bottle. We sampled all of their beers and seasonals: Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale, Summer Ale, Porter, California Lager, Old Foghorn, and the real treat was a tasting of the 2010 Christmas Ale. Ahhhmazing. If you are visiting San Francisco, I highly recommend this tour but make reservations far in advance! It’s totally worth it.


3 thoughts on “Tour of Anchor Brewing in San Francisco

  1. I just recently tried the Summer Anchor Beer. I was really impressed. It is not at all like those other overly citrus summer beers. If you’re thinking about trying it out you can read my review at

  2. Their lineup is not available for purchase, however all samples are 8oz and free. After the entire lineup is presented, you may receive seconds on a couple. Jarrett, our tour guide, is very generous!

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