What Kind of Craft Beer Drinker Are You?

What Kind of Craft Beer Drinker Are You?

Here in this blog lists ten different kinds of beer drinkers, and their styles when it comes to drinking craft beer. I feel like I identify with more than one, really. I’m definitely a local drinker,  with a side of beer snobbery. I’m not ashamed to admit it. What kind of drinker are you? 


Organic Beer: Here to Stay, or Barley There?

Organic Beer: Here to Stay, or Barley There?

i thought this article was very interesting, and made some interesting points and arguments for organic craft beer. As a strong supporter of brewers like Bison out of Berkeley, California; I think organic beer has it’s place in the craft beer industry. Not every organic beer can stand out just by taste alone, but I do feel compared to the food industry, there needs to be an organic competitor as well. In the organic beers I have tried, I often feel like there is a freshness to the flavours,  and I really enjoy them. Bison is interviewed in this article, and I respect what they have to say about fitting in the craft beer movement. Check it! 

Why is Beer So Male?

Why is Beer So Male?

I recently discovered a great blog from the East Bay of California, which primarily seems to be written by a woman named Jen who does a lot of writing about local brews,events, and also women in the industry. This is how I found her blog. I really agree with her sentiments posted in the link above, and I hope that you will give it a read. There are thousands of us women, who are in some way involved in the industry, and it’s still difficult for some men to let go of the old stereotypes that the major industries instilled. I think this article is very articulate, and answers some questions, and admits there aren’t for others as well. 

Reject Abject Consumerism & We Save Ourselves

I absolutely love TEDx talks, and I am always REALLY stoked when the speakers are brewers that I truly respect. Here’s one from Greg Koch, the owner of Stone Brewing Company in San Diego. Enjoy!