AB-InBev Shock Top Releases Campfire Wheat

Over the interwebs, bloggers have been sent samples of AB-InBev‘s new summer beer, Campfire Wheat, a s’mores flavoured ShockTop wheat ale. It currently is not for distribution, or sale. Only samples have been sent out, and will be sampled at four major beer festivals over the next few months. The deceivingly, “crafty” company, has made a style of a beer, that I never would have expected to have witnessed being made. You can read the article about the beer here.

However, a beer that is designed to taste exactly like s’mores, is far too reminiscent and SIMILAR to one of my favourites from Highwater Brewing, the Campfire Stout.highwater campfire stout It’s an incredibly flavourful stout, which was from an idea from the brewmaster, Steve Altimari’s wife, Barrie. The beer is also brewed with graham crackers, chocolate, and a hint of marshmallows. This beer has been in distribution for over a year, both in the United States and abroad. Sad to see that the major beer industries are STILL stepping all over the smaller craft brewers. I don’t know if AB-InBev is aware of this existing trademarked beer, and it will be interesting to see if it is released at all, or if this will be another failed attempt. We shall see!


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