Baseball and Craft Brewing


Can I just say how jealous I get when I read articles of baseball stadiums boasting their vast selection of local craft brews. From the Mariners to the Reds, they have WONDERFUL beers available on tap. There’s nothing more American in my book, than a cold brew at a baseball game. Now, as a huge Oakland A’s fan, I get incredibly underwhelmed every game with the selection of beers available, both with nationwide and local craft beers. This last game I was LUCKY to find Ranger IPA, but really…Where is Linden St.? Where is Anchor, or Speakeasy? No Lagunitas? We’re in a hub of wonderful craft beers from San Francisco, the east bay, north bay, and even further north in the emerald triangle. It’s incredibly frustrating that there are so many lackluster options to be paired with my lukewarm hot dogs, and nachos. I’m not interested in drinking a Miller Genuine Draft, or a Bud Light, and I know I’m not alone.It’s time to step your game up Oakland!!!!!!


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