Spring is Here!

Now that the rain has (hopefully) stopped, it’s starting to feel like spring is finally here! Now is a great time to start sipping on some freshly bottled or kegged hoppy beers. I’m loving the amount of spring seasonal ales that are coming out, but also going back to some classics that taste like spring with every sip.

Here are my three favourite spring-inspired beers:

1. En Suite Saison from Baeltane Brewing, I’ve written about Baeltane before, previously known as Beltane. They primarily brew beers that are French, and Belgian inspired, with the right amount of California fresh flavour to every pint. The En Suite is an incredible saison, with a full-bodied wheat and earthy flavour. It’s not nearly as dry as other American-made saisons like Carnevale by Lost Abbey. It’s not nearly as heady, and has a beautiful golden hue to it that  exhibits what a treasure this beer truly is. It’s light, refreshing, with such a good flavour it’s perfect for the experienced drinker, or someone who likes a light refreshing beer on a nice, spring day.

2. No Boundary IPA from Highwater Brewing, now let’s be real here…when am I NOT writing about Highwater Brewing? They are easily one of my favourite brewers, and the fact that they are so close to home, makes them that much closer to my heart. The No Boundary IPA I had this past week was just bottled the week before. The way it was described to me by the brewmaster Steve Altimari, is “dank dank dank dank.” Dank, it was. Fresh wet hop taste from New Zealand hops, with the citrus and pineapple tastes , hat makes this beer such an incredible full bodied taste with every sip. I highly recommend this beer to any true hophead.

3. Strawberry Lager by Abita Brewing,and truthfully, I’m not a fan of fruit-flavoured ales. I usually don’t care for overly sweet beers in general, but this was a very nice light, but with the right amount of strawberry flavour, it’s not too overpowering. This beer isn’t for everyone, but what kind of spring list wouldn’t include a fruit-inspired ale?




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