Campfire Stout “Caviar”


This week, I ran into brewmaster Steve Altimari, from Highwater Brewing, and his lovely wife Barri at the pub where I work. Barri is an excellent cool who makes some experimental things with their beer. I’ve had the pleasure of having her Campfire Stout marshmallows, and now I’ve had her faux caviar made with Campfire Stout as well! It really picked up on the chocolate smokey flavour of the stout, and I can only imagine what they tasted like on oysters (unfortunately I’m allergic). Here’s to another woman beering up her life with amazing craft beer, and food!


2 thoughts on “Campfire Stout “Caviar”

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have her recipes for either! 😦 I would love to know how to make the marshmallows! I have found some cooking sites that include beer marshmallows, I’ll post that soon 🙂

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