My March Favourites

As March is wrapping up, I have to share some of my favourite beers that I tried this past month. Some are easily accessible, and some unfortunately, are not.

1. Highwater Brewing’s “Celebrator 25”

This beer is easily the BEST beer I’ve had this year. This was designed by Steve Altimari, and crew for the 25th Anniversary party for the Celebrator magazine. This was the closing party for San Francisco Beer Week 2013.  It is a combination of several Highwater classics such as: 70% bourbon barrel aged Aphotic Porter, and stout,  25% red wine barrel aged Rio D’Oro, and 5% Hop Riot IPA. I haven’t tasted many beers like this one, which is incredibly complex with every sip. A beer made up from so many styles can only mean that with every sip there is a different flavour. It’s sharp and spicy at some sips, where at others, it’s smooth and tastes more like a barrel aged porter or stout. Only five kegs were made of this special beer, and I can only hope that there will be something similar to this beer in my future.

2. Enjoy By 4.20.13

See my post on this Devastatingly Dank beer here: EnjoyBy: 4.20.13

3. Transatlantique Kriek 

New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series never ceases to amaze, and impress me. I’m falling more and more in love with krieks, and this beer has really stood out to me this past month. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find in my area, and at $15 a bottle, it’s not one I stock many of in our refrigerator. Here are a few of my thoughts on this fantastical kriek.

4. Prairie Artisan Ales’ “Prairie Hop Ale” 

I had this beer on my birthday in Sacramento at Pangaea Cafe, which was a complete surprise. Prairie Artisan Ales, from Oklahoma, are starting to make appearances on the west coast. This light ale felt like a mixture between a saison and an IPA . It wasn’t listed as a dry-hopped saison, nor an IPA, but definitely had the combination of the two. It was a really flavourful yet simple beer that impressed me to the point that I wish I had several bottles of this in my private stash. 🙂

5. Immort Ale

As a west coaster, I don’t get very many opportunities to have Dogfish Head beers, as their distribution is rare, and light. When I was in San Francisco recently, I was able to try the Immort Ale at one of my favourite bars, Toronado. The Immort Ale is reminiscent of their Chicory Stout, as it reminds me of the profound wood flavours. The ale is not nearly as heavy as their stout, but the flavour is definitely there.  I was more than impressed with this ale, and I only wish I could have more of this in my life.


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