“MillerCoors’ Third Shift Touts Passion, Further Blurs ‘Craft Beer’ Definition”

“MillerCoors’ Third Shift Touts Passion, Further Blurs ‘Craft Beer’ Definition”

More and more, I feel that Americans are heavily impressed with craft brewing, and the thought that something more than machine is making and creating a finer product. When talking about “big beer” i.e. Budweiser, Coors; the borderline anarcho-socialist in me wants to refer to it as “the machine,” and the machine it will. It is the machine that has driven, and defined beer as we know it. It is the craft beer industry that has flipped the tables that these major companies thought they once owned. Now that they are marketing under smaller companies such as “Third Shift,” as mentioned in the article link above, is confusing those between the gaps of commercial and craft brewing. Some are buying the gimmick, and others aren’t. I recently had an experience where a friend ordered Third Shift at a minor league hockey game, thinking that she had ordered something beyond the machine, and  while bragging about her purchase, I had to politely mention that she had bought into exactly what she thought she was protesting. The beer game in America is being challenged, but it is also being deceived. Similar to eating non GMO foods, or eating locally, the beer industry requires research, and knowledge. Some aren’t willing to look beyond the sales rack at the local grocery store, but it is the friends willing to have the conversations to educate our peers, and more so, the consumers who buy these products. 


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