Zen & The Art of Craft Brewing

Chad Henderson of NoDa Brewing in Charlotte, NC recently gave a TEDx talk about achieving his dream in the craft brewing community.

On Craft Beer: “This was beer that a had a story. This was beer that had a purpose, and the diversity and the detail, and the amount of history that went into craft beer blew my mind.”

Ladies, this is why I love craft beer. There is a culture behind it, and a community of thousands that also appreciate the work and passion that goes into every keg, 12 oz, 750 mL, and 22oz. The flavours show it, and the conversations we all have make this all possible.


2 thoughts on “Zen & The Art of Craft Brewing

  1. I love this inspiring story. I guess people can find their passion at different times of their life. I agree that no matter what you do if you believe in it and love it then you will become really good at it. Creating unique new things, lets take craft beer for example or a beautiful building can be considered as art, because of the passion of the person creating/designing it.
    P.S. I like what you are doing I am a humble follower!

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