Four Beers That Are Good For Your Skin

Four Beers That Are Good For Your Skin

Some interesting information on how hoppy beers, especially those IPAs, are good for your skin. This is a repost from one of my favourite beauty blogs and retailer, Birchbox. Turns out that yeast is great for fighting bad bacteria, and hops are great for improving your skin! Now there’s another great reason to be a hophead.

Here are four of my favourite IPAs/IIPAs:
pliny the elder(photo from Pliny the Elder, a great IIPA from Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa, CA

big daddy ipaBig Daddy from Speakeasy Brewing in San Francisco, CA. This beer actually got me hooked on IPAs and strong California craft beers.

90 minute IPA dogfish head90 Minute IPA, from the geniuses at Dogfish Head. This beer is on point, not too floral, not too bitter. A great staple to have in the fridge.

hop riot ipaHop Riot IPA from Highwater Brewing. Absolutely delicious IPA, and their imperial IPA, Retribution is a close second.


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  1. Kari says:

    Good to know, because my skin is freaking out! Time to throw one back…

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