Pliny the Younger Pilgrimage





Yesterday, we made the trip out to Santa Rosa, California for the famed “Pliny the Younger,” Russian River’s rare IIIPA that is only available for two weeks on draft at the beginning of February. K and I had tried going on opening day to see a line of at least two hundred people, who also allowed their friends to cut ahead in this line, which obviously made it progressively worse. We opted out that day, and decided we would go in the middle of the week. I HIGHLY recommend that you do this if you’re considering making the drive to their location versus other Bay Area ale houses. We arrived there around 10:45 knowing that they open at 11:00. There were only about 50 people ahead of us in line, and we *luckily* only had to wait about 20 minutes in line. Their system was fairly effective as they had someone IDing everyone at the door, and you received a pink wristband (as seen above). The guy working the door was really nice, and had a good chuckle when I asked him if this was the line for Blind Pig. šŸ˜‰ (What can I say? I have a pretentious sense of humour). Tables filled quickly, but there was plenty of outdoor seating underneath the warm sun in February!

This was my first time having Pliny the Younger, and WOW. It was served in a smaller tasting glass at $4.50 a sample, but definitely worth it. It definitely has a strong floral aroma from all of the hops, but it was so so smooth!There are a few tropical notes to this beer, and t had a lingering taste of bitter hops, but one that you would not regret. There is a reason that this beer is one of the highest rated, and most sought after beers. It is incredibly full bodied, with a beautiful clear copper colour and plenty of carbonation that makes it easy to sip, and definitely enjoyable in the warmer weather. It has a high alcohol content of 10.3% and after one, I could definitely feel it going to my head. I would blame that on not eating breakfast, though. A few friends asked me what this beer was like, and I could only say “It tasted like angel tears.” This beer was incredible, as most Russian River creations are. If you have the privilege of making a trip out to Russian River before the 14th, DOOOOOOOO IT. You will NOT be disappointed!

As you saw in my last post, I also purchased a t-shirt. I love the Russian River guys and all they make. I’m happy to rep their craft day in and day out. But they really need a logo update as they still use COMIC SANS on the promotional pages. WHAT IS THIS?! THE FOURTH GRADE?!* So listen here RRB, love this year’s t-shirts with a crown of hops. Stick with that, not the sans, ’cause this beer is WINNING.

*My mom is a 4th grade teacher, and I can attest to the amount of horrible fonts used.


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