Super Bowl Sunday!

One of the best days of the year to eat a bunch of horrible food, and drink cheap beer! Except, we’re classing it up a bit over here at BUYL, and I’m making a macaroni and beer cheese soup, and beer pierogis! We’re having Ovila’s Quadrupel,New Albion’s ale, 21st Amendment’s Sneak Attack saison, Bear Republic/ Fat Head’s/ Stone “TBA” collaboration, and The Bruery/Elysian/Stone’s collab “La Citruelle Celeste.” I simply cannot wait to open up some of these beers! I had the 21st Amendment saison for the first time this past week in San Francisco. (Can I just say that 21st Amendment has the strangest distribution process? How is Seattle getting this beer sooner than the central valley of California? And it’s only an hour + from the city?! RIDIC. I digress). Hope you have a beer filled, and safe Super Bowl Sunday!


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