SFBW13: Lips of Faith Tap Takeover


Finally made it out to the Bay Area on Monday (as posted earlier) for my first San Francisco Beer Week event EVER. Luckily, my boyfriend read my blog and knew the places I wanted to go, so our first stop was at Noc Noc Bar in the Lower Haight (near Haight St. & Fillmore St.). I’ve never been to this bar, and we were the only folks there at 11:40 am. As you can see from the photograph, the Lips of Faith selection was rather limited. We talked to whom I believe is a bar manager or is in charge of the ordering, and found out that this was their stash from last year. So lucky for us, we got to try one year-aged Tart Lychee and Cocoa Mole. Loved the lychee as it was both a nice mix of a sweet and sour ale. It was not heavy with yeast or wheat, nor am I too familiar with lychee flavours; however, I felt this beer was great to sip on. This beer I would recommend to those who are uncertain about the realm of sour beers, but want an easy transition into them. The cocoa mole definitely tastes like mole, and as a Californian, I’m ALL ABOUT THIS. It tasted chocolately, heavy, and with the right amount of smoked spices as well. I loved everything about this beer, although knowing its a LoF beer, I can’t even imagine being able to stomach and finish a whole 22oz of this delicacy. It seems far too heavy for that.

Also on tap, they had the Cascara Quadruppel, another LoF series beer. The bar manager, Sampson (I believe), was a really nice guy and poured a sample of this beer. I love my quads, that’s for sure. Although, this beer really left something to be desired. I was definitely unimpressed with this one, and probably wouldn’t drink it again given how many kickass quads there are at this point.

Great beers, and it was awesome that it was so quiet so we were able to talk to the manager for a bit about beer, business, and a few good laughs. Also, he had chipped gold nail polish on. That’s my major points in my book.