Tching Tching!

Over a year ago, my life changed when I started regularly going to the new neighbourhood Trappist/Craft Brew ale house in my small home town of Stockton, CA. Beer brought my friends together once, or three times a week, and over time, my love for beer grew and grew. My love for Stella Artois and Becks Lager were quickly replaced with Anchor’s Porter and Allagash White. Each month  my tastes for beer were changing and I couldn’t get enough. Like other hobbies in my past, I dove in head first and had to learn everything about it.

So that brings us to now, a blog where I can post all things beer, what I’m drinking, where I’m going to drink, and what’s new on the market.  Typically in the past, beer has always been marketed to men, and there’s a judgment that women don’t like or appreciate beer.That’s definitely not the case, and I’m here to challenge that. Everyday.

Here’s to beering up your life!


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